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Craigmoor Residence (Feb/March ‘14)

The Craigmoor’s split-level home in northern California embraces the concept of Vibrancy through varying textures, materials, and colors. The rooms focused on within this presentation take advantage of natural light, while color plays a vital role in enhancing this design. From wood stains to wall, ceiling and trim paints, the Sherwin-Williams color palette sets the mood of each room. A young couple just starting out on their journey together needs a home that sophisticated, yet youthful, as well as room to grow and entertain.

The master suite is both playful and elegant; the light woods and the hard stone accents are countered by the soft, tranquil blue and green hues. The adjoining bath mixes an old world charm with contemporary fixtures. The open-plan kitchen, ideal for entertaining, is understated; the natural stain on the cabinetry produces a subtle transition between the flooring and countertops, while the splash of color on the walls with the single, painted stripe ties it all together.

Varying textures and materials combined with the soft caress of natural light will keep the home fresh and appealing as the family matures, all the while remaining serene. As Andrée Putman once said, “Ideally, things should give the sense that it all came together by itself.” 

Somewhere In Between is a broad canvas filled with incisive portraits of the complexity of life and one man’s endeavor to find answers… Aaron Kappel deftly scrutinizes - albeit not fully deciphers - these difficult subjects through the protagonist Jude. Highly inquisitive, Jude is a fascinating central character and one of the best that I have read so far. By  Lit Amri | Readers’ Favorite

Josephine Jenning’s Inc. Commercial Project (Dec ‘13)

Harmony features an eclectic blend of contemporary and classic styles and materials amidst a bright, open floor plan with designated areas for each task and function; an abundance of natural light; a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The arched windows present a wonderful opportunity to incorporate curve linear eliminates into the space. Through level play in the floor and ceiling, these flowing lines will soften the mood and encourage tranquility. While there are traditional offices and desks there are also options—from lounge seating to workstations. Plentiful seating spread throughout the two floors encourages Josephine’s employees to work where they feel comfortable and inspired. An opening around the centralized staircase between the second and third floors and six angled skylights will direct even more light into an already bright space. Wires with creeping vines, globe pendants, and orb lights on the connecting wall behind the staircase create a visual connection between the two floors. The vines, along with additional natural elements such as vertical gardens and potted plants, will blur the line between indoor and outdoor. Keeping Josephine’s methodology, personality, and inspiration in mind, Harmony takes into consideration all her needs.

McCoy Kitchen Remodel | Sustainable Design (Dec ‘13)

Client, Location, & Existing Kitchen

The McCoy family lives in a quiet, residential community in Queen Creek, Arizona. Through pictures and conversations over email and the telephone, Mrs. McCoy, mother of three, communicated her needs. The existing kitchen rests along the southwest wall on the first level of their two story, single-family home. It shares the same space as the living room—the two are separated by a cramped, makeshift dining area. A covered patio sits just beyond the sliding glass doors between the kitchen and living room. 

Mrs. McCoy requested a more comfortable, functional kitchen and dining area with considerations of the Arizona heat, along with a more peaceful, calming atmosphere inspired by the ocean. As shown on board one, the appliances are already energy efficient; the cabinetry is structural good; the countertops leave something to be desired  and a true backsplash is missing. 

Remodel, Sustainability, & Decisions

With an ocean inspired theme, the client’s needs, the local climate, and sustainability in mind, the updated kitchen is calming, more functional, and practical. A single story addition (with a green roof) was added to the rear of the home; this expanded the kitchen and provided a combination sun/dining room. The sliding glass doors were replaced with a window, this window, along with the existing window on the living room side of the interior peer out into the sunroom. The original upper-cabinets remained intact, but were sanded and refinished to match the new lower-cabinetry. The existing lower-cabinets were removed, but not wasted. They were used to build custom benches and planters in the sunroom and outdoor space. The new cabinets use FSC wood, are VOC free, and their manufacturer is a part of the Environmental Stewardship Program. The existing ceramic tile was left untouched; for the addition, new C2C certified tile was added in matching color, style, and size. The countertops were replaced with C2C certified Icestone, while the removed laminate tops were cut, refinished, and used throughout the yard—primarily as stepping stones, while some were painted with blackboard paint and made into mini-chalkboards for the children. The added backsplash consists of recycled Oceanside glass. Indoor planters, the existing outdoor vegetable garden, wall vines, and a vertical herb garden in the new space contribute positively to the indoor air quality while providing food for the family. The appliances, sink and faucet did not need replacing, but an under-cabinet grey water system was added beneath the sink, which connects to an outdoor tap for garden and lawn watering. A compost system (three-bin) was also added outside. The new lighting uses LED technology. The pendants and door pulls are provided by Eleek and are made from recycled aluminum.

Knowing Mrs. McCoy very well, and considering their local climate, heat from the constant desert sun–especially during summer months—is oftentimes a problem. West facing windows provide ample natural light during the day, but the addition now acts as a cooling feature for the family. The compact living and dining area receive excessive use, and during summer months, it is often kept dark for the comfort of the family. The addition of the sunroom now provides a buffer and extra layers of protection from the heat, while two mid-sized windows in the wall between the two rooms still provide natural light. 

The comfort of the client was my primary concern. More space, a visual overhaul, and heat were all factors that the client stressed and my goal was to meet these needs efficiently as possible without creating waste. 

"Words are a powerful force and oftentimes they are misused, underappreciated and forgotten. Words empower, embolden and inspire. Words weaken, misguide and dismantle. Whether through type, text or speech, they are the strongest and most common expression of self that we as humans have at our disposal." 
—Aaron Kappel, Somewhere In Between 
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"Words are a powerful force and oftentimes they are misused, underappreciated and forgotten. Words empower, embolden and inspire. Words weaken, misguide and dismantle. Whether through type, text or speech, they are the strongest and most common expression of self that we as humans have at our disposal." 

—Aaron Kappel, Somewhere In Between 

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